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-Claimed that he trained "at The Farm at Langley" when referencing the training ground for CIA operatives, but The Farm isn't even in Langley, it's at Camp Peary near Williamsburg. Langley is where the headquarters of the CIA is. He mixed the two up in his haste to tell a lie about being in the CIA. And how did he survive training at "The Farm at Langley" when he claims to have a heart condition that can kill him if he does strenuous exercise? Moreover, he claims to have suffered from a myriad of health problems , including inner ear issues (which severely affect balance) and Meniere's Disease his whole life. He once said that if he experiences any rapid change in air pressure, such as cracking a window in a car, he is "totally fucked." So much for deploying from a helicopter or plane. The CIA also requires a college degree.   He has no qualifications and speaks no foreign languages. Why would the CIA hire a fat autist with balance issues, deafness in one ear, no experience, and can't even sit on his couch and speak for five minutes without running out of breath, let alone endure training at "The Farm at Langley"? I'm no secret agent, but these sound like deal breaking issues that would hamper one's ability to perform "snatch and grabs" in the Middle East like he claims he did ... not even getting into his chances of passing the psychological screening. "The only fukken snatch and grabs jason has ever done involves cheetos & isle 6" --YouTube user SkyeKingdoM

I used to be an avid supporter but it seems his shortcomings are really starting to get the best of him and he is making videos to Bios3 Jerry Ward and Mike O’Hearn as well as other youtubers threatening to shoot and kill them if they “Come near him or his loved ones” This kind of paranoia is actually alarming and begs the question “Should this man be allowed to own guns?” He literally has a stockpile of artillery at his home and makes videos saying he is not afraid to use them on people who “Slap his Gf’s Ass.”  I’m sorry Faggot but you do not get to shoot and kill someone because they slapped your girlfriend’s ass.  Fucking Sociopath.

Jason blaha steroids

jason blaha steroids


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